Pencil Wisdom

A pencil has no password!

Analog is not dead!  We are rebelling against the digital only environment.  The feeling one gets from using a pencil can’t be emulated with a computer.  In reality you are still grabbing a pencil or a pen to jot something down.  Whereas in the digital realm you have to open your smart phone with a password then find the proper app to make a note then type the note and then finally you can save it.  The process feels awkward especially if you are in a rush. Not so with the the mighty pencil.

You can’t hack a pencil!

When you create something with a pencil it is inherently the only one that exists.  You can’t say that with digital creations.  We are a reflection of the pencil and feel this writing instrument has been neglected for far too long.


Analog is identity!

In this fast paced digital age we find ourselves losing pleasure.  Sure it is cool that you can just think of something and find it on the internet however what was lost in the process?  Pencils are a part of the analog world that can’t be replaced by computers.  When we write or draw something with a pencil we have the only one in existence and that is special.  If you don’t believe me then consider how most correspondence with corporations or even smaller businesses ends with “From our team” or something just as bland.  Does that entity want to lead one to believe that it took 10 people to write a response?

The digital age brought us the end of identity.  Something we call an antique could have been hand crafted maybe 100 years ago.  Today they are still valuable however in another 100 years there will be no antiques worth keeping from our day today.  Of course someone owns the first apple computer but the rest of the computers will be worthless land fill.  When we use a pencil we are making a stand for our identity.  We have an instrument that has a life.  The pencil has a beginning and an end.  As my favorite pencils get worn down it is almost forgotten what was done with them however it is evident that what was done was the only one of it’s kind.

Do you have an identity?  The digital world breaks things down to zeros and ones.  The digital world has it’s benefits however nothing done with the computer will be priceless.  There are many beautiful works of art done by pencil and those are priceless because they are the only ones that exist.  You are the only one that exists and an extension of that is your pencil and what you make of it.

Where did you smear your graphite today?

February 1, 2017

The pencil was there first!

The world we live in today and for the last 100 years and more has relied on the pencil.  No house is built without a line drawn for the saw to cut without a pencil.  You might not see the lines as they are buried within your walls but you can guarantee they are there.  Your computer can print out plans however the reality is the pencil was there as the first to sketch the plan and there last to make improvements or modifications on the very plans the computer made.  Embrace the pencil for it is the beginning of creativity.  Many masterpieces have hidden pencil lines upon their canvas to outline their brush strokes.  In the boardrooms the titans brag about their pens in rooms that are created by pencils.  Though forgotten the pencil is always there first!

February 28, 2017


The glory of the Luddites a pencil!

Fellow enthusiasts of trailing edge technology.

Pierre Sprey

May 15, 2017