Professional Pasta Machines                     


Elegant Utility is a diversified engineering and manufacturing company active exclusively in the manufacturing and distribution of robust Industrial Pasta Machines. Our realm of evolution has spanned the past forty years testing, analyzing and perfecting pasta machines. We love pasta too! A longtime leading US manufacturer, our Pasta, Ravioli, Meatballs Machines have high standards, exceptional technology and longevity. We have established our confidence based on a long list of loyal clients. Our service does not end at the selling point, we also provide after sales services and spare parts availability.

Writing instruments have been our passion. Designing and creating them has been fun. Now we have an extensive collection of unique, hand made/machined pencil holders, pencil extenders, pen and pencil stands made from brass. The pencil was there first! Analog is identity! A pencil has no password and you cannot hack it!


CONTACT PHONE:   1-(516)325-1049 or (917) 882-9973  

ADDRESS: Long Island, NY








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