Big-Pal with wooden cap



About Big-Pal pen
The Big-Pal pen is a machined brass pen body that utilizes a BIC pen’s ink. Has an elegant feel and you won’t believe it is a BIC. Writes more like a high end pen. Refills are as easy as buying a box of BIC pens and you have enough ink for a year.

Finally! 🙂 we have made a cap for our Big-Pal pen.
The cap is a combination of brass and oak wood in CA finish. It fits perfectly on the back of the pen, please see the pictures. The cap is machined with .0005 tolerance and hand fitted. It fits firmly on the Big-Pal without scratching.
Yes, the cap has no clip but really?! Do you like a clip-on bow tie? Do you want to clip it on your shirt or your pants pocket, just hanging there all the time?! Maybe…… but we do not even like the word clip at all….. so, our cap is clip-less. It is round and blends as a continuation of the Big-Pal itself. Neat and elegant. If you like what you see then you would definitely fall in love with it in person. 🙂

Made out of Solid Brass here in The United States!

You can find out more information on YouTube: