Pencil-Pal Spalted Maple wood



Pencil-Pal Spalted Maple is a variation of our Pencil-Pal – elegant and sophisticated solution for carrying a pencil.

With this pencil holder you will make a statement that says that you have creative and artistic taste! The salted maple is truly unique wood. Like all rare things this rare wood requires unique conditions for curing and aging before it starts to develop it’s colorful, one of a kind, striking patterns.

It is manually machined from solid brass but a piece of beautiful spated maple wood was added to the central part of the Pencil-Pal. You will hardly be able to tell how the two pieces of brass and wood mate together when you invert the cap and use it. The tolerance is less then .003″.

It will make a great, unique and useful gift.

Brass simply feels good and balances well in your hand. It is designed to be used on the go. There is no need for an eraser when you need to jot something down quickly. It perfectly fits into a back pocket or a valet.

Note the Pencil-Pal Parking Spot is not included in the price.

Made in The United States!

Here is a YouTube Video on some of our wood options: