Pencil-Pal Walnut wood



Pencil-Pal Walnut wood is a variation of our Pencil-Pal.

We have made it as a combination of pieces of brass and all time favorite Walnut wood.

Walnut is a straight-grained wood and a top pick for head-boards, ornate antique-style dining tables, and mantels. It’s a very strong and stable wood that can take intricate carving with beautiful color finish.

All brass parts are manually machined from solid brass with very high precision. The piece of wood was also hand made and each piece is a unique piece.

You will hardly be able to tell how the two pieces of brass and wood mate together when you invert the cap and use it. The tolerance is less then .003″.

It will make a great, unique and useful gift.

Brass simply feels good and balances well in your hand. It is designed to be used on the go. There is no need for an eraser when you need to jot something down quickly. It perfectly fits into a back pocket or a valet.

* Note: the Pencil-Pal Parking Spot is not included in the price.
* Note: we have limited supply and will be available while supplies last

Made in The United States!

Here is a YouTube Video on some of our wood options: