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The Pencil-Crown is a recent development by Elegant Utility that counters vibrations that graphite makes with paper. This is due to the Hysteresis Dampening properties of Brass which in turns giver greater pencil performance. Machined out of a solid piece of brass. You will experience the following benefits.

Less pressure to create darker lines.

Greater flow in your drawing.

Less fatigue after prolonged drawing or writing.

Greater pencil balance throughout the life of pencil.

You will notice a different sound while using Pencil-Crown.

The drawing and writing experience will feel more pleasurable.

We look forward for artists and writers to give us their feedback on this product.

You will want the Pencil-Crown on all your pencils.

The Pencil-Crown is machined for a cost savings and will not fit in any of our other products. However if you have the Pencil-Pal or Pencil-Palpanion the benefits will be equal to the Pencil-Crown when only using the pencil holding part.

You can also see a YouTube video here:

Made in USA!