Pencil-Companion Wide (pencil holder/extender)



Pencil-Companion Wide is an elegant and comfortably pencil extender/holder for larger diameter pencils.

We have created this variation to hold pencils that are wide than regular standard pencils.
This pencil holder can hold a pencil that is between 0.310 to 0.348 inches wide ( 7.8 to 8.8 millimeters wide)
For example, a BIC pen (as one on the pictures) can be fit inside this pencil holder and if your pencils similar to diameter of the BIC pen will also fit into Pencil-Companion Wide.

You can use this pencil holder with Faber Castell Polychromos. We have a customer confirming it, please look up reviews.

Pencil-Companion Wide is manually machined here in The United States from solid brass with tight tolerances. It comes in two holding shape heads. The back of the cylinder is intentionally left open to use longer pencils (remember some pens too). It is so much more than just holding small pencil leftovers. It will become a companion for your writing and drawing needs.

You can invert the pencil to protect the point for transport.

Available in a two steps head, as on the picture. It is suitable for common pencil sizes. Where the Pencil-Pal is great for on the go the Pencil-Companion Wide shines when you have serious work or pleasure needs. So comfortable that it will feel as if you can do more with less fatigue. The head shapes allow for more holding control while maintaining great comfort.

The dimensions:
4 inches overall length
7/16″ (.4375″) shaft
Nib for smooth head .485″
Nib for two step head is 5/8″ (.625″) & .570″

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