Dual Art Companion – dual pencil extender, double pencil holder, pencil lengthener




Pencil extender – Double Art Companion is a variation of our Art Companion but without wood and it can hold 2 pencils.
It will help you to extend the life of your favorite pencils.
It will become a companion for your writing and drawing needs.

Dual pencil extender (Dual Art Com) is made from a piece of brass with two open ends to use on both sides.
Manually machined piece of brass (1.20 inches long) adds an equilibrium to the pencil extender and also gives pleasant, smooth feeling when it is held in a hand.

Double Art Companion can hold regular wood pencils
The width of the brass tube inside is 3/18 or .375
A pencil as little as 3/4″ can be inserted into Double Art Companion.
0.5 inches is a depth inside brass piece to hold a very small leftover of your favorite pencil ??

For our customers from Europe, Faber Castell, Steadtler Noris B, and most Caran D’Ache pencils fits into our pencil extender, pencils with width 3.3 mm
Koh-I-Noor Aquarelles are round and do not fit. There are some Caran D’Ache Models (e.g. Grafwood) do not fit.
This version of Dual Art Companion can be customized (length and/or width to fit different pencils)

The dual pencil holder holds pencils tight and firmly.
It is a useful accessory for artists, architects, designers, students – anyone

All parts made and machined in USA

The pen might be mightier than the sword however both were designed using pencils!