Big-Pal Hex Brass pen with a cap (uses Bic pen refills)


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Big-Pal Hex has a body, tube in a hexagonal shape.

This is a machined brass pen body that utilizes a BIC pen’s ink. Has an elegant feel and you won’t believe it is a BIC.
Writes more like a high end pen. Refills are as easy as buying a box of BIC pens and you have enough ink for a year.

Made, manually machined out of Solid Brass here in The United States.

Classic size has the tube diameter as Bic pan has (the plastic crystal clear Bic pen)
It is Big-Pal Hex Which is 0.312 or 5/16″ or 7.925 mm.

About the wood
The cap is made from one of the strongest and unique type of wood – Azorean Acacia wood.
The wood is really gorgeous and has this almost 3D pattern visual effect. It is dark in color, more like walnut wood.
It is durable and strong that allows to use it without inner insert into the wooden cap.
Also interesting fact about the Acacia wood. The Ark of Covenant was built of acacia wood and was overlaid inside and out with gold.

100 % all manually machined on wood and metal lathes
Made in USA

You can find out more information on YouTube:

Additional information

Weight 0.30 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in